This is an experiment of using openFrameworks. This project's main goal is to get accustomed to using it.

MJ Never dies???
MJ Never dies???

"MJ Never dies???" is an experimental project for generating songs with machine learning.

GAN Monsters

GAN Monster is an experiment of Generative adversarial networks. Collected around 200 monster images and generated monsters images.

Math Art

This is a creative coding experiment with mathmatics.

Package Notification App

This simple application allows users to send a notification which tells that users got a package at ITP.

24 hours light

This is 24 hours lighting project and using sunset-time API for controlling the brightness of the US and Japan.

Alexa Skill

I made an Alexa Skill which can send a gif from Giphy to gmail account.

Electron App with MTA Data

This is an experimental desktop application with MTA realtime data.

Kitchen Surveillance

This is an experimental project. ITP's kitchen is sometimes messy, so I put picamera for surveillance of the sink.

Style Transfer 4 Everyone

This is a machine learning project. I'm using a javascript library, ml5.js to use a machine learning technique, style-transfer. This application generate a new image from users' image and famous artists' styles

Image Classifier with Tensorflowjs

This is an image classifier with Tensorflowjs and Keras models which are VGG16 and MobileNet

RealSense Scan App

This is an experimental project to use RealSense and openFrameworks.


easyGAN is a CLI tool which can train images and generates images with DCGAN.


ictrainer is a CLI tool which offers a couple of functions to train own image classifier. It offers image collecting, resize, and face detector.


gengitignore is a CLI tool to generate .gitignore file


wcartist is a CLI tool which allows users to create word art with one line command.